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  • For the past  8 years, Garage48 has been helping to create teams, develop ideas and take them to prototypes in mere 48 hours. Some of the startups born from our hackathons became a huge success and raised several rounds of venture capital, some were acquired by major companies and many are successfully still operating today. MSQRD, Vitalfields, and Timbeter are just a few of these names.

    However, we are well aware that some great teams didn't make it because they have lacked some of that extra boost that is needed to turn an initial idea into a potential multimillion-euro company.

    That is why Garage48 and Superangel have joined forces: to help young future unicorns and provide them with the necessary care, funding and advice that is much needed at the very early stage of a startup lifecycle.

    Base Camp is our brand new exclusive hackathon concept for startups that would like to join the 12-month high altitude training. It is the first step in the Superangel Alpine House journey.


    Superangel Alpine House is a 12-month “high altitude training” program for early stage startups that takes them to the next level. It comes with 50k-100k investment, 5-week intensive customer development session in Silicon Valley and 1-year coaching from a Superangel partner or a top startup founder to make sure you raise the next round or reach the next major milestone.

    We are inviting up to 10 teams to Base Camp - a 3-day hackathon 14-16 of September in Tallinn, Estonia to develop your prototypes or products even further. 

    We are also inviting talented individuals - developers, data scientists, designers, bright business minds -- who will be able to join if the selected teams lack some brain-power. Just for the weekend, or, who knows -- for the rest of your life ;).

    To participate in Base Camp, there are 2 ways:

    1. To participate as a TEAM, you need to apply for Superangel Alpine House and if selected, you are automatically invited to take part in Base Camp. To put the cherry on top - you don't need to be based in Estonia to participate in the hackathon. We may fly you over to Estonia.
      Read about  Superangel Alpine House here:  http://superangel.io/alpinehouse and apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/oqvqFSSOsHBz0yq52 

    2. To participate as an INDIVIDUAL, you need to fill in an application form - just like with any other Garage48 events.
      Apply as an individual participant here:  https://garage48basecamp.typeform.com/to/lCcKf3

    DEADLINE for applications is 7th of September

    Base Camp is ideal if you've already participated in several Garage48-s as a designer, developer or business wizard and are looking for new experiences, challenges and a drive to make things happen.

    As usual, we provide you with fast wifi, warm meals, snacks, coffee and drinks to keep you going - everything you need to focus on taking your product to the next level.

    Join the Facebook Event here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/2637564509802238/ 



    Rain Rannu

    Managing Partner @ Superangel, Founder @ Fortumo


    Marko Oolo

    Investment Manager @ Superangel


    Marek Kiisa

    Managing Partner @ Superangel


    Veljo Otsason

    Co-founder @ Fortumo, Mobi Solutions, Superangel


    Rainer Sternfeld

    GM Data Platforms & VP Strategic Projects @ Intertrust



    Mari Hanikat

    COO @Garage48

    Linkedin Facebook

    Polina Shevchenko

    Project Manager @Garage48

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